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03.13.15- 05.30.15

From the underground dance clubs of 1950’s Memphis, Tennessee, comes a hot new Broadway musical that bursts off the stage with explosive dancing, irresistible songs and a thrilling tale of fame and forbidden love. Winner of four 2010 Tony Awards® including Best Musical!

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What People Are Saying...

“Lastly, I’d say, if you can, see the play, feel it. Let’s consider too, that regional theater, close to home, may be one way for us to humanize issues too many of us have lost an ability to talk, think and feel about.”

-Carol Smaldino (Huffington Post)

“Evan Buckley Harris is a wonder as Huey. This is Harris’ first appearance on stage in Northern Colorado.”

“They have powerful voices and can dance up a storm!”

“She (Jalyn Courtenay Webb) continues her non-stop journey of inhabiting every role she portrays, and is well known to local audiences.”

-Tom’s Colorado Theater Reviews

We soooo enjoyed Memphis last night. Powerful performances by a powerful cast. Thank you!!

-Mary K. (Facebook)

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